David Lesser

Region: Pacific U.S.


San Francisco, California, USA

CFF since 2009

YPO Audiences

  • YPO Members
  • Spouses/Partners
  • Young Adults/YNG
  • Couples
  • Chapter Events

Minimum daily rate USD$3,500

Maximum daily rate USD$3,500

Daily rate comment or clarification

Average rating 9.37

David Lesser has been guiding people and organizations through crucial transitions for more than over 25 years. David and his colleagues act as coaches and confidants to chief executives and senior executives aspiring to the highest levels of personal growth in a variety of fields.

David has an MBA from London Business School. Formerly CEO of a USD100 million London-based real estate and construction group and executive director of a USD40 million worldwide not-for-profit operation, he combines a strong management pedigree with perceptive facilitation skills and clear insight in working with people.

David has held senior corporate positions in marketing, real estate and corporate finance. He has taught as visiting professor at Redlands University and spoken at a number of conferences in the United States, Europe and Africa. David is trained in emotional process work with Shadow Work training, facilitation with Interaction Associates and in coaching with New Ventures West. He has learned Golden Shield Qigong under Paul Holden and Attunement Energy Work under Roger de Winton. David was born in London, England. He moved to Colorado, USA, in 1994. Since 2004, he has been living with his wife, Chellsa, near San Francisco, California.


  • Building mutual trust
  • Deep personal growth
  • Leadership
  • Team-building
  • Inspiration
  • Emotional awareness
  • Communication
  • Creative problem-solving

Qualifications and Certifications

  • MBA - London Business School
  • Certified Transformational Forum™ Facilitator

Languages Spoken

  • English

Travel Preferences/Availability Western United States preferred

Airport Code SFO

Number of forum programs 13 programs since February 2018

Portable Retreat Options

For more information visit www.executiveconfidant.com. To schedule a discussion please call +1 415 460 1088, +1 415 446 8571 or email david@executiveconfidant.com.

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David Lesser
San Francisco, California, USA