Special Forces - Naples, FL

  • Train with elite special forces team (winner of YPO's "Best of the Best" award)
  • Live fire exercises, team shooting competitions, belt-fed weapon systems
  • Escape and evade (kidnap survival), home invasion defense, weaponless defense (combat)
  • Night shoots with NVGs / thermal optics / lasers
  • Tactical and evasive driving training
  • 360,000+ sq. ft. training facility on grounds of former high-security State prison
  • Immerse your forum by staying on-site and dining with the trainers, or stay beachfront at luxury resorts
"Instructors are top-notch and the trainings, which apply to every day challenges, exceeded all expectations!"
- Colorado Forum

Room Upgrades, $100 Food/Spa credit, Complimentary Breakfast & Wifi at top Naples hotels


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